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Influencer Marketing 2020

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What is Influencer marketing?

Let’s start with the basics, influencer marketing is an incredibly effective way to disseminate your brand’s message to a large targeted audience through various social media networks. Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are known to be particularly effective as often accounts have spent a prolonged period of time building trust with the audience who consume their content. This can in turn result in a large ROI for companies choosing to promote through these routes.

Influencer Marketing vs ‘Conventional’ Marketing

The way audiences consume content has vastly changed over the past five years.  Through our mobile phone’s the above-mentioned platforms alongside LinkedIn, and Twitter (to name a few) have revolutionised the way in which advertisers can reach us.

The challenge with ‘conventional’ marketing is people can become sick of being blatantly advertised to.  Through e-mail campaigns, traditional TV advertisements, flyers and social media adverts, the constant barrage of ‘buy now’ can become frustrating when the point of social media is just that, to be social. Although these forms of more ‘conventional’ marketing can of course still be extremely lucrative for companies, in comparison the trust and relationship influencers have built with their audience may often result in a higher ROI due to how genuine they are be perceived to be.

Who is the right influencer for my product?

There is no one simple answer for this. It really does depend on what your product is and the audience you are trying to reach out to.  For example, sending an expensive designer handbag to an instagrammer who talks about saving money may not be the best idea as their audience are there to consume content related to lower cost, money saving products. However, sending a new toy that you have developed to a YouTube family with a large following could result in a particularly large return.

How do I reach out to Influencers?

There are a few different ways to reach out to influencers, often this can be through their management companies, a quick Google search can help you find these.  There is also the option of building a relationship with an influencer, this can be through doing what social media is designed for and being social. Consuming their content and commenting, reaching out through direct message and telling them that you want to either pay to advertise your product resulting in a guaranteed ad, or gifting a product with the hope they will love it and share with their audience.  In taking this route and being transparent, influencers will often tell you whether your product is something they might be willing to share.

So what next?

Do your research. It’s really worth while taking the time to look into the right influencer for your product.  If this is entirely new to you its often worth seeking expert advice. This is where NDM Creative can help. Contact us today on 01952 287346 or click here to find out how we can help your business create an influencer marketing strategy.