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5 Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

While 2021 isn’t over just yet – although most people probably wish it was – businesses need to look ahead to 2022 and the changing trends in marketing. One of the biggest changes next year will be the end of cookie tracking.

Up until now third-party tracking has been vital for advertisers and user privacy has been high on the list of concerns especially with the rise of GDPR. Now people are harnessing the power of first-party or zero-party data which is sent directly to the business from the user.

This means there will be a strong emphasis on CRM systems and tools to manage data once cookie tracking has gone for good. In this article we look at 5 other marketing trends that might shape the digital landscape in 2022.

1. Online events

The current pandemic has seen a huge rise in online events with webinars and seminars all used to drive lead generation and boost sales. There is no sign that this format will cease once everything finally goes back to normal.

Online events are a great way to engage with potential customers and not only that but you’re able to collect data while the event is running, which allows you to build the ideal customer profile to sell to later.

2. Embrace Your Audience

Being active on social media is important for delivering the right messages as well as content. However, it can be easy for these messages to get lost in the mass of followers and other competitors. 2022 will be the time to take hold of your audience, and one of the best ways will be with email marketing.

Think about it, with the right newsletter and message delivered to their inbox you have a great chance of capturing their attention. If you do break through the barrier between the inbox and the spam folder, make sure that the content is personalised and not full of generic sales lead jargon.

3. Grow Organically

Paid online advertising still has a place in the modern-day marketing strategy, but it can get expensive. Competition on Google Ads for example has seen the price of bids increase with everyone trying to stand above a saturated marketplace.

Therefore, more thought and attention should go into implementing an organic marketing strategy. Podcasting has grown in popularity as well as video tutorials – anything that you can educate your audience with is worth its weight in gold.

4. Forget the Hard Sell

People are becoming more and more desensitised to the hard sell. Whether it’s on social media or within email marketing the ‘buy now, click here’ approach isn’t going to work forever.

The aim in 2022 is to educate your audience, providing an answer and a solution to a problem. The blogs should be more in-depth and educate the reader, from this you can direct them towards the sales funnel which will lead to an enquiry and/or purchase.

5. Utilise Automation

There are marketers out there who can do extremely clever things when it comes to data-drive automation. By creating an automated marketing campaign, it leaves more time to establish a buyer persona and marketing message.

Focus more on different audiences as opposed to just one, break them down by interest targeting and what product or service is right for them rather than putting everyone in the same boat.

We’ve Got 2022 Covered!

If you need help pushing into 2022 with a clear digital marketing strategy, then get in touch with the team at NDM Creative. We’ve got our finger on the pulse and with a team of industry experts and technical professionals we can help boost your business.