Big Energy Savings Week 2020 with NDM Energy

This year Big Energy Saving Week runs from the 20th -26th January. This national campaign is designed to help people cut their energy bills and bring awareness to all that you don’t have to stay with your current supplier.

None of us look forward to that monthly or quarterly Gas/Electricity bill, especially in the winter months, which are of course always that bit higher. Therefore, we want you to take advantage of this whole week.  A week purely aimed at helping you become more energy efficient, cut those bills and leave more money in your pocket!

Backed by the Citizen Advice Bureau this campaign urges us to find out if we are getting the best deal on the market for our energy bills. As the week is coming to a close, NDM Energy want to help you get sharper with your energy bills, and here’s how…

Switch Supplier

We are sure by now, you have come across plenty of TV, radio and phone advertisements constantly telling you can switch provider. As irritating as it may be, there really is a good reason for this; you don’t have to settle because the majority of the time it really does work!

With the many energy companies increasing their prices year on year, it is absolutely worth-while taking the time to not only get your energy cheaper, but also get on the right tariff rather than being placed automatically on one that just isn’t right for you.

This is where NDM Energy can really benefit you. All you need to do is enquire online. Then, once we have the necessary information, we compare tariffs and prices with our list of trusted providers. Then we let you know if switching will save you money.

Find out if you could be paying less HERE


Did you know that there are business energy grants available for businesses across the UK?

This means that your business could potentially receive between £2,000 and £20,000 to help lower your energy bills.

With help towards lighting, renewable technologies, heaters and boilers, energy storage and much more, the grants are available across the UK.

Visit our website to find out if you’re eligible.


There are also plenty of other simple things you could do to make sure you are saving on your energy bills, including:

  • Turning off lights when leaving a room
  • Only using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Unplugging unused appliances
  • Avoiding using portable heaters
  • Replacing older windows
  • Turning down thermostats

To find out more about how you could start saving, get in touch with NDM Energy. You can telephone us on 0333 014 7770 or contact us online. Get energy smarter from today!

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Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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