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Cyber Insurance – Why Now?

Are you aware that over 875,000 SMEs across the UK have been affected by cyber attacks over the last 12 months? Are you a business owner or manager? Then you need Cyber Insurance…

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

Business owners are still under the impression that it is only large companies who are a target for cyber-attacks, however this is just not the case!

In fact, as small and medium sized businesses are failing to get the right type of cover in place, they are rapidly becoming an easy target for cyber-attacks and crimes.

According to latest figures, 1/5 of SMEs affected said that the breach of security cost them more than £10,000 and one in ten said it cost them more than £50,000.

Business Checklist:

  • Does your business hold sensitive data, such as names, addresses or banking information of your customers?
  • Are you reliant on your computer systems to conduct your business?
  • Are you subject to a payment card industry (merchant services agreement)?
  • OR SIMPLY – do you have a website or social media accounts?

If you can answer yes to just one of these, then you need cyber insurance!

Cyber Insurance with NDM

Cyber Insurance can cover anything from the breakdown, loss, theft or damage of IT hardware, data corruption, data breech expenses, to the loss of income to cyber-crime liability.

Ensuring your business has Cyber Insurance in place is quick and hassle-free. By choosing NDM, we could save your reputation, your customers and your business.

We have the experience and expertise to make sure you have the right cover in place from the start.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements or find out what other types of insurance policies we cover.