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Large Fleet Insurance From NDM Insurance Brokers

large fleet insurance

NDM Insurance Brokers now have access to an Insurance policy for medium sized businesses with larger fleets. Does your business consist of at least 30 HGVs, 30 coaches or Buses or 100 light commercial vans or cars? Or does it have a combination of all four? If so, we can deliver a tailored policy to meet the requirements of your business.

Cover for Larger Fleets

NDM Insurance Brokers motto is straightforward; we make Insurance simple. As Insurance and business specialists, we understand the first-hand pressures of running a business, balancing the commercial practicalities with good practice and then delivering an insurance policy which reflects the risk profile to a business.

That’s why this widely sought-after offer includes:

  • 3 YEAR COVER: Effective budgeting and no annual renewal
  • CLAIMS: Low claims rebate paid annually and fixed premium( subject to claims experience)
  • PRE-COVER FLEET MANAGEMENT REVIEW: Including the use of cameras and telematics

Why NDM Insurance Brokers?

Here at NDM, claims management is a major differentiator. We do not sub-contract this element, we do it ourselves. We understand that speed is of the essence as you need the problem solved and vehicles back on the road so you can get on with business.

We can guarantee:

  • One renewal date for your whole fleet
  • Less paperwork
  • Working with an experienced and specialist Broker
  • Peace of mind that you are in trusted hands
  • In-house claims management

Let our team of experts determine how suitable this policy is for your business. Discover how much you could save, as well as the other benefits we could offer, without the added pressure of renewal deadlines. Call us on 01952 287347, email us at or contact us online.

Fleet Insure App

COMING SOON… As part of the NDM Hub, NDM Insurance Brokers will be releasing a brand new Insurance App, Fleet Insure. The Fleet Insure app will enable you to handle and manage your fleet insurance policy from your fingertips; including helping you keep track of your drivers and make it easier to make a claim if needed.

Fleet Insure is perfect for businesses with larger fleets, therefore if you insure your fleet with NDM Insurance Brokers, we will give you a 12 months FREE trial.

large fleet insurance

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