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Why You Need A Consistent And Distinctive Brand Identity

So, what is brand identity? When you think of a brand, logos come to mind but it is much more than that. It’s down to how your customers perceive your business, from your website, logo, colours, uniform, business cards, voice etc.

Think about the largest and most successful businesses is the world, what do they all have in common? Their branding is consistent and distinctive.

Nikes’ tick, Apples bitten apple, McDonalds golden arches, we all know these brands just by a simple icon. Making your brand recognisable is vital because it means that people can easily recognise you, make you stand out from the competition and build a reputation. McDonalds red and yellow brand colours have been the same since they started up in 1955, they use these colours from their logo to their fizzy drink cups. The key is to pick your logo and brand colours and stick to them, don’t be indecisive about the choices you must make when it comes to your brand identity and don’t change your mind. Then, carry them out in all of your marketing resources.

Customers tend to trust brands they recognise. Personally, if I were looking for a pair off trainers and I found a pair from Nike and a pair of a website I had never been on before, same price same style etc. I would choose Nike, because I feel like I know them more personally and I trust them. Branding can affect this hugely, if one minute your brand is promoting a fun and outgoing clothing brand and then the next serious office wear, this could confuse customers and put them off buying from you.

Customers want to feel like they know your business, on a personal level. This then creates trust between the customer and the business, making the customer more likely to purchase from you. Making it so important to get your branding right.

So How Can We Help You?
Here at NDM Creative we have all the skill sets to set up your brand identity and carry it out through your business, print media, social networks and your website. We know what your customers are looking for and we can draw them in.

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