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Hosting & IT Support

The reliance on technology to continue to meet and run businesses whilst working remotely will remain long after lockdown. Businesses will look to reduce expensive office space and employees will look to retain some of the freedom of home working as well as spending less money and time travelling to work.

Here at NDM, we are marketing and IT support specialists. As well as traditional marketing, our specialist team can provide around the clock IT support.
As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we get instant access support from regional service centres, meaning we can help your business directly, rather than you waiting to hear back from Microsoft.

Hosting and IT Support

We build an on-going relationship with our clients even after their website is complete. Host your website on our sustainable UK servers. These servers only operate using solar and wind energy. Your business won’t be left in the dark with our IT support and on-going website maintenance. Let NDM be your all-in-one IT solution.

  • Recommend and install the most appropriate package – usually Office365 – in a cost-effective way.
  • Provide online demonstrations of how to use TEAMS, PLANNER, OUTLOOK.
  • Create Sharepoint directories in the cloud for secure remote working.
  • Advise on the best hardware.
  • Advise on security.
  • Provide necessary coaching to users.
  • Hosting of website domain and emails.
  • Provision of virtual managed servers.
  • Monitoring website uptime and producing analytics reports.
  • Updating website as code changes.
  • Help with selecting and integrating a CRM system.
  • Installations of cabling and hardware.
  • Setting up of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Commission new servers and hardware.