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Windows 7 Support – What Happens Now?

Windows 7 Support Ending

So what’s all this Windows 7 Fuss About?

So today is the first day AFTER Microsoft pulled support for Windows 7 and for anyone who is still using it guess what – nothing has changed. Your PC’s are still booting up the same as they did yesterday, and probably will tomorrow – but what about six months from now?

The big announcement that is across the internet and social media actually means that your Windows 7 devices are likely as safe today as they were yesterday. Especially if you keep things up to date and have anti-virus software installed. So should you really care and why do you need to do anything about it?

Well – those annoying (but important) Windows updates that cause your PC to need restarting right in the middle of something important are now going to stop. Fixes for the next ‘security warning’ you read about in the press are unlikely to be available for your computer and as the weeks and months pass the risk of your machine becoming infected, compromised or hacked will steadily increase.

And this is the big issue – it takes time for the risk to grow, long past all the January 14th blog posts telling you that Windows 7 support has ended.

OK – Where Do We Start?

The official Microsoft announcement can be read here –

The link above offers great general advice to help but we know the solution will be different for every business. Upgrading to Windows 10 rather than purchasing new hardware might seem like a cheaper option but might not be the most cost effective. The current version of Windows 10 has moved on in-line with faster and more powerful computers so there is a good chance your Windows 7 machine may struggle to cope or may not even be upgradable.

Our Recommendation? Ask an Expert

Getting expert help for any essential part of your business is a must. NDM are Microsoft Silver Partners who can offer a total suite of business applications and software solutions tailored to YOUR business. We can help by reviewing your current system and explaining your options in Plain English – we can then work with you to get you up to date and keep you secure. Can you really afford not to keep your network safe from attack?

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