NDM will tell you what we think of how your business looks to the outside world and then agree a plan to address any issues, help you compete with competitors, stay relevant and attract more business.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the collection of design assets that come together to make a company’s visual image. These elements can be; colour, fonts, logos, packaging, wed design etc. A strong brand identity helps keep you in the mind of prospects, makes you easily recognisable, conveys your company personality and differentiates you from your competitors.

Hosting and IT Support

We build an on-going relationship with our clients even after their website is complete. Host your website on our sustainable UK servers. These servers only operate using solar and wind energy. Your business won't be left in the dark with our IT support and on-going website maintenance. Let NDM be your all-in-one IT solution.

Motion Design & Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words can you imagine the value a video holds? Whether it be a video for a website or a walk through of a building, our team have the ability to shoot and edit a video to suit your requirements.

Online Marketing

Our job is to make sure your online presence is not just another space on the web. To make sure you survive online, multiple channels of marketing are a must. We are experts in leveraging web-based channels to get your company's brand, services and products in front of the right audience.

Print Layout and Design

Despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives, print is still an integral part of traditional marketing material. A well-designed brochure, business card or flyer etc. can have huge advantages for businesses and are versatile pieces of printed information that can be used to promote all types of products and services.

Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, and it provides one of the most stress-free and profitable platforms to help increase your business visibility. By using Social Media, it can help reach millions of customers worldwide, improve your brand awareness, increase traffic and enhance SEO rankings.


Creative, sales, marketing, business, content and communication strategies.

Website Design

In today’s market, your website is the first impression to potential online customers. We can provide a full range of website design packages to suit your requirements; from ongoing site updates, complete brand-new websites to technical support; our web designers have experience across every platform.

Mobile App Development

Apps are no longer just for bigger organisations. More and more people are using their mobile phones to book tables and appointments, find nearby services and download voucher codes and offers. That’s why we have created an innovative, affordable and effective way to ensure your business stays one step ahead of your competitors. Our highly-skilled mobile app developers will allow you to reach your clients and prospects in new ways, whilst taking care of the technical stuff in the background.

Blog Content

Despite new innovative technology and more recent trending marketing techniques, blogging is still one of the most effective and simple ways to market your business, promote your products and services and ensure your website is being found by the right target market.


Effective Press Releases can be hard to create, however NDM’s specialist Content Creators understand the techniques and skills needed to create the perfect approach, angle and story.


Most businesses are unaware that they could receive a grant towards their company marketing, however NDM’s Directors have specialist knowledge in this area and to date, they have already secured a number of successful grants for some of our existing clients.

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At NDM, we look to find money, any tax savings and business support available to you. If it is there, we will find it and then create a plan to get what you need.

You need NDM to find you the money.

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NDM will tell you what we think of how your business looks to the outside world and then agree a plan to address any issues, help you compete with competitors, stay relevant and attract more business.

Let NDM help you be seen.

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NDM will look at what you already have in place for health & safety, quality assurance, employment and insurance. Then, we will tell you what you have to do to comply and help you do it.

You need NDM to be safe.

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Business Development

At NDM, we understand that running a business can be a lonely place. But whether you are looking to grow, develop or sell your business, NDM will give impartial advice and support.

You need NDM by your side.

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